About Compus Project

The engineering and design company “Compus Project” works since 1996 in Moscow and employs 15 engineers.
“Compus Project” is a member of the “Guild of Architects and Planners (SRO)” Association since 2008.

Our scope of works includes the architectural design, entire building engineering systems design – power supply and lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, domestic water supply, building management systems, low voltage systems, etc. In our projects we place high emphasis on the energy saving. Our designs confirm to the Russian and European building standards and regulations. We also rely on the best expertise of our German and Swiss partners and suppliers.


Our corporate languages are Russian, German and English.
The “Compus Project” company does site supervising, organize tenders, does project management.
Our references speak for themselves.
The Compus Project Company supports the entire project process starting from the initial technical request via cost-effective engineering design up to project support during construction.